Please be aware that this quickstart takes a one size fits all approach to all settlements, and may not be applicable to your specific settlement site.

For those of you that are impatient, and want to spend the minimum amount of time on a settlement, you will need the following:

  • 6 Charisma
  • 2 ranks of the Local Leader perk
  • 1 rank of the Gun Nut perk
  • Some Mutfruit
  • Some Corn
  • Some Tato

Your maximum settler limit is 10 + Charisma. Each Settler will require 1 food, 1 water and 1 bed. Defence should be greater than or equal to Food + Water or you will have regular raider attacks.

  1. Plant 6 Mutfruit, 12 Corn and 12 Tato. This will produce 18 units of food. 1 settler can farm a maximum of 6 units of food. Assign 3 settlers to farm this.
  2. Place a cooking station near the farm so you can create Vegetable Starch. 3 Mutfruit + 3 Corn + 3 Tato + 1 Purified Water produces 1 Vegetable Starch. This can be scrapped to produce 5 Adhesive.
  3. Place 6 Water pumps. This will produce 18 units of water. Unused water will be stored in your workshop as Purified water.
  4. Place 9 Guard Posts. Each guard post will provide 2 defence when manned. 1 settler can man a maximum of 3 guard posts. This will provide 18 defence.
  5. Place 3 Heavy Machinegun Turrets. Each heavy machinegun turrent will provide 6 defence. This will provide 18 defence.
  6. Build a Small Generator and Recruitment Beacon. The small generator will produce enough power to run this.
  7. Build 18 beds, under cover.
  8. Once you have rank 1 of Local Leader, assign 1 settler to provision there nearest settlement without a supply route.

This will result in 7 allocated settlers from a minimum of 16. Follow the in depth guides for some suggestions on how to best utilise these settlers. This quickstart guide is unsuitable without modification for small settlements.