Red Rocket Truck Stop

Requirements: None
Cell Name: RedRocketExt
Mini Bio: Starts with many crafting stations. Single existing building.
Next Settlement: Abernathy Farm
Previous Settlement: Sanctuary Hills

Immediately past the bridge into Sanctuary Hills you will encounter the Red Rocket Truck Stop and the companion Dogmeat. Just activate the workbench upon arrival and you can immediately begin building.

Red Rocket Truck Stop is a small settlement. It consists of a small existing building, and a small farming area. Water is via pumps only, or Provisioner supply runs from other settlements. Raiders usually spawn from the road side, or the rear from Abernathy farm. Red Rocket Truck Stop begins with a Weapons Crafting station, an Armor Crafting station, a Power Armor station, a Cooking station, and a Chemical Crafting station. It is highly recommend that you do not scrap these stations, as you will need to be level 14 to recreate them.

It is possible to build on the top of the Red Rocket Truck Stop, but settlers exhibit many pathing issues there, so it is recommended not to build things they need up there.


Create choke points at both the road, and the hill towards Abernathy farm. Super Mutants do spawn near the road, so ensure overlapping fields of fire from raised turrets. Most usable farming area is at the rear of the Red Rocket Truck Stop, but the ground is uneven, and difficult to fence off.

Place critical infrastructure on top of the Red Rocket Truck Stop, such as Generators, and Recruitment Beacons. Turrets placed here can target raiders approaching, but can not targets raiders already in the truck stop.